Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Proper Preparation –The Key To Getting Approved Social Security Disability benefits at The Initial Level

A good friend and mentor had an old wooden paperweight on his desk. On its exterior it read, “the secret to success.” When unhinged, the interior of the box revealed the wisdom of its message – “HARD WORK.” As with all things, hard work and proper preparation are absolutely essential if you stand a chance of being awarded Social Security Disability benefits at the initial level. Published reports reveal on average 70% of all disability claims are denied on the initial application filed with the Social Security Administration. While this statistic may be frustrating to most, there is hope. To significantly improve your chances of winning your disability case the first time around, it is absolutely essential to be prepared. Proper preparation includes but is not limited to: current and updated medical documentation from your treating physicians, thorough completion of all forms and documents requested from the Social Security Administration, and medical source statements describing your limitations in a vocational setting. Each of these areas of focus will be the topic of future blog posts where I will go into much greater detail. Some are of the opinion that the assistance of a qualified Social Security Disability Attorney is only necessary if you are denied. That position couldn’t be further from the truth. A qualified Social Security Disability attorney knows the ins and outs of the system and will ensure that all documents are requested and submitted in a timely fashion. It is possible to get approved Social Security Disability benefits on initial application, it just takes a little hard work and proper preparation.  If you’re having difficulty with the Social Security process, do not hesitate to contact me (cpozios@poziosfraser.com). I’d be happy to help.